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Aye, go fuck ya selfff

I would never do to you what you’ve done to me twice

fuck. everything

Okay so..

Why the fuck do people try to act like they are hot shit. Is that a good trait? I’m pretty sure it’s not. So instead of being arrogant and ignorant, how about being yourself? I feel like that is a lot easier to do than just try to be something you’re not. Also, why is it that all people want in life is to be popular? I like to think that I have a couple close friends and then a lot of friends that are cool to hang out with. But why would someone purposely hang out with people who don’t care about them so they are ‘popular’? Does that really even matter in the long run? Didn’t think so. So, this is my New Years resolution: Stop letting things go and start telling people how it is and cutting the bullshit. No beating is around the bush or sugar coating it, telling people straight up. I feel like people are so concerned about what other people think and forget that it really does not even matter. Obviously if people judge you over every little thing you do, it’s not worth wasting your life over. Sometimes it’s easier to let go of something than just letting people walk all over you. But then again, doing that is easier said then done. How can people honestly stop having feelings for someone they have been around and shared so much with? Maybe there is just to much hatred in the world. Who even made the word jealous should get a hardy kick in the balls. Seriously, it is the worst thing ever. I feel like jealousy is a trait that everyone has even if they try to say they don’t. I’m ranting but I’m bored. Who cares. Anyway, this New Years mean new opportunities, new people, and for some people new lives. Idk where this is going so I’m going to stop typing now. 

Bye yall

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